HV / MV equipment solutions

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Since 1947, SDCEM has developed a true expertise in designing and manufacturing of HV / MV Equipment (disconnect switches, earthing switches, and load break switches) and operating mechanisms (manual and motor drives). With more than 70 years of experience, SDCEM products are operating in medium voltage and high voltage networks in more than 140 countries. We have installed more than 68 00 disconnectors and switches with 6900 possible arrangements.

We provide reliable, performing and innovative disconnecting and switching solutions for tomorrow through its expertise in three main industries.

Power Generation

– Pumped storage power plants (PSPP)
– Hydro power plants (HPP)
– Nuclear power plants (NPP)
– Thermal power plants (TPP)

Transmission & Distribution

– HV / MV disconnectors for AIS substations
– High current disconnectors for SVC & STATCOM
– Wall bushing disconnectors for indoor substations
– Disconnectors for mobile substations

Railway Electrification

– Catenaries (Overhead Line Equipment)
– HV / MV substations and feeders
– Traction substations
– Tunnel electrification

SDCEM is a worldwide leader in high current disconnectors and switches adapted to each specific function required in any types of power plants. Our products are robustly designed to meet requirements such as high short-circuit withstand, low maintenance, reduced-time operation and long life cycle with high mechanical endurance.

SDCEM offers a wide range of high and medium voltage (MV / HV) disconnectors which complies with the highest standards of quality and performance for T&D substations. Expert in reliable solutions for SVC, VHV and high-speed industries, we provide reliable products for harsh environmental conditions.

Expert in railway electrification, we provide a wide range of disconnectors and load break switches solutions to meet each of our clients’ needs. We are constantly innovating to offer turnkey disconnecting solutions for high speed networks, conventional networks and urban networks (metro and tramway).