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Flexball – flexible transmission / drive rod

Flexball – flexible transmission / drive rod



  • Ideal for railways tunnel installation: flexible transmission system perfectly suits tunnel wall and complex installations, allowing safe circulation of rolling stock.
  • SDCEM is the world reference of switches with flexible transmission since 1990 (more than 12 million hours without any failure).
  • It can be spatially laid on all the three dimensions (up to 180° in one loop).
  • It can operate in severe environmental conditions such as moisture, condensation or icing, without impact on performance.
  • Temperature variations have no effect on flexible transmission.


  • Robust and reliable: stainless steel components.
  • Easy installation: ideal for tunnels or complex HV switch metallic structure (mast, portals).
  • High mechanical efficiency.
  • Maintenance free: no maintenance or lubrication is necessary.

caracteristics of flexible transmission


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