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SDCEM has installed more than 68 000 disconnectors and switches in medium, high and very high voltage networks in 140 countries. With 70 years of disconnecting and switching know-how, we understand our clients and operators needs.

From disconnect switch assembly through disconnectors adjustment to commissioning, SDCEM SERVICES provide worldwide sustainable services for installation of HV / MV equipment to ensure reliable and efficient installations throughout SDCEM’s products service life.

Designed for a modular and a quick integration, SDCEM disconnectors and switches are known to be reliable and robust products that can be easily installed by a third-part team. SDCEM Services specialists provides its clients efficient and well-trained experts to support for this following disconnectors installation services:

Assembly & Installation

Our products can be installed whether by the clients themselves or by a SDCEM SERVICES technical team. SDCEM SERVICES ensures a global check to make sure that the assembly & installation of disconnectors were done properly in line with the installation guidelines provided. Each guideline is specifically defined for each equipment characteristics, and we make sure that our services teams are highly skilled for the installation of specific equipment.


SDCEM products are adapted to numerous configurations and options that fit our clients’s needs : common frame for easy on-site installation, cubicle configurations, optimized maintenance interchangeability kits, etc. SDCEM SERVICES has a renowned experience of commissioning projects worldwide. SDCEM SERVICES support our clients’ operators for both adjustment and the commission of the equipment.

Training & Supervision

SDCEM SERVICES provide its clients training & supervision during on-site installation and commissioning. Our SDCEM SERVICES teams are trained to manage, supervise and instruct the operating team on-site. From installation to commissioning, SDCEM SERVICES technical teams provides a broad range of technical advice and assistance to our clients’ operators to guarantee a proper functioning of our equipment.