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SDCEM has installed more than 68 000 disconnectors and switches in medium, high and very high voltage networks in 140 countries. With 70 years of disconnecting and switching know-how, we understand the clients’ needs.

After years of commissioning, operating & maintaining HV disconnectors or load break switches creates 2 issues:

  • Reliability and safety are decreasing with aging
  • Cost of maintenance is increasing: more repair operations and periodical checks, spare part price increase, and spare part obsolescence

HV / MV disconnectors or load break switches lifetime may be extended by simply replacing existing operating mechanism by a brand-new one with disconnector remotorization.

Where high voltage parts can generally last more than 20 years, operating drive are more likely to fail in less than 20 years. SDCEM recommends replacing equipment older than 20 years.

We operate motorization or re-motorization of all brands, online condition monitoring, and replacement of live parts, or other set and spares for disconnectors and damaged disconnectors repairing. We also provide interchangeability kits and switch disconnectors additional equipment.

Moreover, last generation of operating mechanism can monitor the condition of “old” high voltage components. Solution as TORQUE MONITORING can alert the operators of any failure (breakage, jamming, etc.).

SDCEM developed experience in disconnector modernization with MR41E electrical drives (also called Universal Smart Drive) which can fit with the large majority of existing disconnectors / load break switches and also integrates HV equipment status.