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SDCEM has manufactured more than 68 000 disconnectors and switches in medium, high and very high voltage networks in 140 countries. With 70 years of disconnecting and switching know-how, we understand the clients’ needs.

Technical training is recommended for people responsible for implementing our equipment. SDCEM technical experts are trained to provide our clients with the practical and technical know-how needed on site or at the factory to manage the correct installation of our disconnectors and switches equipment and to improve electrical safety (risk prevention, new smart grid solutions, infrastructure management…)

From disconnectors’ maintenance & training to disconnect switch advanced maintenance, SDCEM provides a wide range of services for training and maintaining that give our clients required know-how to use safely and efficiently our disconnectors and switches equipment:

Disconnect switch advanced maintenance

SDCEM offers standard and advanced maintenance to eliminate the risk of many potential problems and equipment failures. These maintenance services can lead to repairs and the change of equipment with spare parts to ensure the performance of the equipment. Standard maintenance can be supervised or done by our field technicians.

Repair service

Because maintenance and repair services are key elements in maximizing the life cycle performance of disconnectors and switches, SDCEM is constantly working to ensure the highest quality service in a suitable time-frame in case of emergencies as well as for scheduled maintenance. Our repair service team tests, repairs and makes sure of the restoration of the equipment to its full operating condition.

Genuine or interchangeable spare parts

SDCEM provides kits of spare parts and accessories for switch disconnectors, load break disconnector and operating mechanisms for repairing damaged disconnectors configurations. Spares ca be delivered with adaptation kits to be perfectly interchangeable with existing material. We provide our clients with genuine or interchangeable spare in full working order within the agreed time frame as far as possible. Because we care about providing our clients with verified disconnectors spare parts, all SDCEM spare parts meet all safety and reliability standards.


Because disconnectors and switches are essential security equipment which requires the highest cares. Our technical support team helps our clients to deal with their equipment troubleshooting and repair services.