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SDCEM has installed more than 68 000 disconnectors and switches in medium, high and very high voltage networks in 140 countries. With 70 years of disconnecting and switching know-how, we understand the clients’ needs.

SDCEM upgrade & retrofit services are made to ensure the highest quality of service and operational reliability of our equipment. Our technical consulting includes HV / MV equipment applied in railway electrification, transmission & distribution and power generation applications.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the latest efficient technology to guarantee that their electrical network is up to date.

Technical consulting for equipment retrofit

From installing, commissioning, maintaining to equipment retrofit, SDCEM provides a broad range of technical consulting services to assist infrastructure management of our equipment and operating drives. We also offer risk management recommendations to allow our clients safely manage and upgrade our equipment.

Switch disconnectors extending equipment life and upgrade performance

After using disconnectors, switches and operating drives for years, their performances need to be increased or an old component needs to be replaced to keep up to date with the latest technology and to guarantee safe service life.

SDCEM operates retrofit and upgrade of performance of disconnectors, motorization and re-motorization of all brands and replacement of live parts to solve the obsolescence of aging equipment issue. Moreover, with interchangeability kits, our clients can quickly and efficiently replace our equipment minimizing downtime.