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S-LUX – Light alarm / information status

S-LUX – Light alarm / information status



  • S-LUX- Light Alarm / information status is a warning light device fixed on the top of the EOM MR41E, which gives to the on-site operators a visual information on the status of the EOM thanks to a color code.
  • This S-LUX module can detect and alert about any minor or major default before or when the default arises, which makes the operation and maintenance much easier and more reliable for the operators. It can also simply inform about a necessary maintenance to be done on the EOM, according to the maintenance cycle the user configurates at its convenience


Customized to meet your needs or standard version
Visual field Up to 50 meters
Lifetime 100 000 hours
Reported information Overload, maintenance, troubles… to be defined according to the customer’s needs
IP65 box for light cabinet
Color No light, green, red, flashing red


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