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S-VOLT – Voltage Detector For Railway DS / LBS

S-VOLT – Voltage Detector For Railway DS / LBS



  • Voltage presence detector for indoor & outdoor application, for AC and DC networks
  • Secure your network and your maintenance operations with S-VOLT
  • Install S-VOLT next to HV switches for safe maintenance operations
  • Interlock voltage presence detection directly to HV switch operating mechanism for safety increase
  • Provide visual alarm of voltage presence to maintenance teams
  • Intrinsic safety functioning: in case of internal failure or lack of power supply, contacts are de-energized thus allowing to discriminate the device failure in both cases of voltage presence or voltage absence


  • Without Visual detection device S-LUX
  • Connection to SCADA with S-COM device: copper cables or optic fiber (S-COM WAN)
  • Groupment box for additional relay


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