SDCEM has built its future around the following elements:

We are a small and medium-sized company that operates the world’s energy infrastructures and secures the electrical networks and the people. Our ambition is to bring serenity to our customers and employees through robust and innovative solutions supported by the cohesion of our team.

International assertion :

SDCEM wants to distinguish itself by its willingness to always progress in the International and therefore to adapt its operating mode to the cultures of its customers, keeping in mind the strong principles of flexibility, proximity and adaptation to the needs of its customers.

Customer serenity :

SDCEM wants to be the best in the world to accompany its customers in the control of its milestones, in the listening and the reliability of its commitments.

Robust and Innovative Solutions :

SDCEM wants to differentiate itself on its technical solutions by innovation but also by proposing an efficient methodology focused on the customer’s benefit.

Serenity of our Team :

SDCEM confirms its will to give meaning, to progress in the support and the cohesion of its team, in the mastery of competences as well as in the well-being and the valorization of its employees.



Our strategy is to ensure the highest quality of products, processes and services: to minimise incidents in all logistic flows..
Suppliers are evaluated every year. This evaluation is shared with our partners and is the subject of exchanges of improvement actions. We have a real partnership with our partners and suppliers and include them in development and design projects.


We have integrated the notion of « RESPONSIBILITY » in the selection process of SDCEM suppliers and we ensure that all its subcontractors comply with applicable laws, regulations and compliance policies. SDCEM has a very strict policy in terms of ethical standards and integrity, business conduct and business development. We ensure that partners and suppliers conduct their activities in accordance with the quality and environmental policy.


SDCEM’s teams and partners have developed policies that contribute as much as possible to the preservation of natural resources, to limit the waste generated by industrial processes and to ensure its disposal through environmentally friendly solutions. SDCEM’s suppliers and subcontractors encourage the development of environmentally friendly technologies as well as energy saving and recycling.